Video by 2 women: mitochondrial Inheritance from the mother.

The future health of the planet is dependent upon women of child-bearing age having a low "percent heteroplasmy on the mitochondria" . Find out what this means and what you can do about it by watching the great video below.

The 2 women in this well-made video will bring it home for you.

They are really talking about "percent heteroplasmy" on the mitochondria in a way that is clear and accessible.

Percent heteroplasmy" on the mitochondria is the HOLY GRAIL.

Because the MAN'S mitochondrial DNA is DISCARDED every time the egg is fertilized by the sperm , it is especially important that WOMEN in our world maintain low levels of PERCENT HETEROPLASMY ON THE MITOCHONDRIA, if we are going to create perfect health on the planet.

"low levels of PERCENT HETEROPLASMY ON THE MITOCHONDRIA" means: low levels of MUTATIONS (defects) in mtDNA. How can women achieve "low levels of MUTATIONS (defects) in mtDNA"?

They can't. Once a mutation has occured, it cannot be undone.

What's the solution? AUTOPHAGY . AUTOPHAGY is Mother Nature recycling (eliminating) bad mitochondria and making room for new, better mitochondria. The more AUTOPHAGY , the lower the "Percent heteroplasmy" on the mitochondria".

How can we get AUTOPHAGY ? By following the steps I outline in my page on entitled "Save your grand-children from extinction. "

Basically, every woman of child-bearing age on the planet should read my page entitled "Save your grand-children from extinction." BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Thank you! I'm here all week!!!



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