The FREAKlet - ushering in a new era in Quantum healing. (DIY Quantlet)

Have u heard of the Quantlet?

The FREAKlet is an improved version of the Quantlet, at 1/3 the cost.

My 2nd prototype for the DIY Quantlet:

The FREAKlet (DIY Quantlet) is predicated upon the notion that Iowa is quite probably the absolute worst place to live on earth. Seriously, HAVE U BEEN HERE????

Fairfield, Iowa is a low-Quantum yield environment (no sunlight) with ZERO SEAFOOD, ZERO DHA and a heavier Police presence than Miami (because M.U.M. Maharishi University of Management is here and we are all enlightened don't you know and therefore there is no crime here.)

The Quantlet - a breakthrough in Quantum healing.

The Quantlet is Jack Kruse's brain child and delivers various frequencies of visible light and infrared light to your body while cooling the tissues to improve light absorbtion.

The FREAKlet (DIY Quantlet) came out of my brain this morning and works with UV light, infrared light and cold, just like the Quantlet. The cold just comes from outside - no special battery needed.

Just like the Quantlet, the FREAKlet (DIY Quantlet) uses UV diodes and infrared diodes to deliver light frequencies which are missing from your environment . The FREAKlet delivers those missing light frequencies through the hemoglobin-rich environment of your nasal cavity, your ears, and carotide arteries on your neck because, yeah, I'm smart.

You get the same UV and infrared light frequencies delivered to the porfyrin and hemoglobin proteins in your bloodstream that the Quantlet delivers - all of which shrinks the respiratory proteins on your mitochondria - except that the Quantlet sells for $750 and my FREAKlet sells for $199.

January 25 2017 update: 660 nm intranasal red light therapy device and DIY Quantlet now powered by your cell phone. No need for batteries:

My FREAKlet (DIY Quantlet) - better than the Quantlet and 1/3 the cost.

Included in the box:
- 1 ski mask (to hold the light diodes in place in your nose ears and carotide artery on your neck)
- 2 intranasal diodes (one 375 namometer UVA PURPLE diode (COST: $1.50/PIECE ON AMAZON) and one 730 nanometer infrared diode ( COST: LESS THAN $1/PIECE ON AMAZON )
- 2 ear canal diodes (one 375 namometer UVA diode and one 730 nanometer infrared diode)
- 2 neck carotide diodes (one 375 namometer UVA diode and one 730 nanometer infrared diode)

3 AA batteries not included. yeah I'm cheap.


The FREAKlet (DIY Quantlet) delivers 375 nanometer wavelength UVA light and 730 nanometer wavelength infrared light to your body while cooling the tissues to improve light absorbtion. yummy delicious.

Like the Quantlet , the FREAKlet (DIY Quantlet) uses COLD to improve the absortion of light frequencies by the tissues. Unlike the Quantlet, however, the FREAKlet does not require problem-prone battery-packs to deliver the COLD to your tissues . In the case of the FREAKlet (DIY Quantlet) , the COLD EFFECT is delivered to my tissues by my sitting my ass down anywhere in FREEZING IOWA IN WINTER. Simple, isn't it?

If u happen to live in a warm climate, just forget the FREAKlet and get out in the SUNLIGHT , u big dope.

SO... Please add the $199 FREAKlet to your cart today and help me get the fock out of Iowa!

A headset version. Infrared red light penetrates tissues several centimeters deep and builds Exclusion Zone Water in the cells, according to Dr. Gerald Pollack's research . Not shown here is the INTRANASAL red light.

how to make your own DIY Quantlet

Neck version of the DIY Quantlet, on the carotid arterid of the neck

Neck version of the DIY Quantlet, on the carotid artery of the neck. 2 ice packs are used for spot cold thermogenesis. Yes, I am very special.

February 2017 update:

DIY Vielight Neuro hat for $50:

Intranasal 1Watt LED diode delivers purple, red and infrared light to blood vessels in nasal cavity

Intranasal Low Level Light Therapy. 1Watt LED diode delivers purple, red and infrared light to blood vessels in nasal cavity, close to the brain. Insane in the membrane. ta ta da dum dum....

U are probably reading this on a blue-screen computer right now, do you think this 6,000 Kelvin degree blue light is the only light your body needs to thrive?

Where are your blue-blocking glasses? Do you have f.lux installed on your computer right now ?

This page was written tongue-in-cheek because I was feeling exceptionally playful and happy today. I don't really have the FREAKlet (DIY Quantlet) device for sale. However in my next piece here , I will give you step-by-step instructions on HOW YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN QUANTLET (DIY Quantlet) . I believe such a LIGHT-EMITTING DEVICE can be used to make/keep people healthy, and I don't believe that only those who can afford to pay $750 should have a chance to own one. You can make one in your own home for your own use, for less than $20. (and power it from your Android phone too!)






4,700 results on PubMed on Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)..
Have fun.

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