Save your grand-children from extinction - 10 critical Jack Kruse talks for your MP3 player.

Dr. Jack Kruse ( ) is a genius neurosurgeon who also happens to practice Transcendental Meditation . Jack says that the way to health and longevity is:

1- Drink spring water, mineral water or reverse osmosis water.

2- Turn off your blue-lit TV, your computer, your tablet, your WiFi, your smartphone, your ... Look AROUND THE SUN, look at the MOON. Addicted to your blue-light electronic devices and don't want to give them up? Wear Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses with SCT-Orange Lens during the day and at night while exposed to your blue-light device.

3- Eat DHA. Not from pills, from seafood.

4- Ground yourself to Mother Earth.

The way to recycle our mitochondria is through AUTOPHAGY . To get good AUTOPHAGY , we need:

1- Good sleep. Do NOT supplement melatonin, Jack says you are screwing the pooch. If your body produces it, do not supplement it.

2- Intermittent fasting.

Today I ate nothing for the first half of the day but: ghee (clarified butter), cod liver oil, and seaweed (the DHA needs to be married to IODINE . They will live happily ever after.)

Save yourself from extinction - 10 critical Jack Kruse talks to put on your MP3 player

3- Exercise. NOT inside a gym under blue lights. OUTDOORS in the sun and fresh air, barefoot, grounded to Mother Earth .

Jack says that the sea of non-native EMFs/technology/violations of Mother Nature's Laws environment we are currently living in, in our modern blue-lit world , has the potential to cause our extinction as a species. Jack recommends this book by Elizabeth Kolbert:

Save your grand-children from extinction - 10 critical Jack Kruse talks for your MP3 player :

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