The earth does not need us.

February 17, 2009

Planet earth does not need us.

I once read somewhere that if bees were to become extinct, all life on earth would disappear within a year, because of pollination.
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I believe if man were to become extinct, it would actually be good for the earth.

Planet earth does not need us. Evolution pursues its course whether man is around or not.

Either man starts living in accord with Natural Law, either man starts living in harmony with Mother Nature, or man will simply get pushed aside, like a man in a canoe who decides he's going to try to go sideways in the powerful stream of water or even go upstream.

The water stream is Nature's Evolution, man is the tiny canoe .

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi teaches us that violation of Natural Law is the cause of suffering in life.

But because of the innumerable and complex influences of every action we take in life, it is impossible for us to correctly gauge whether an action is wrong or correct.

Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation , by bringing the mind to the level where the laws of Nature originate, the mind is infused with the Laws of Nature, like a piece of cloth dipped in dye, and thus the meditator starts to spontaneously behave in accord with Natural Law, which Maharishi tells us is the way to peace, happiness and fulfillment in life.

Maharishi tells us that only actions which are evolutionary are supported by Nature, and find their fulfillment easily and powerfully. If one tries to perform actions which are not evolutionary, the support of Nature is not present, and the actions result in suffering and problems in life.

I recommend you look into Transcendental Meditation . It has changed my life.

Mother Nature

The following song by Richard Cocciante - "SI J'ÉTAIS", describes how perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea for God to start over. It's in French. Sorry, English is my second language. I remember listening to this song playing out of my parents' radio as a child in Quebec. It always stuck with me.

The lyrics in English can be found under the video.

[If you like Richard Cocciante's music, I encourage you to buy it ]. I own this CD.

Lyrics in English, translated by none other than MOI. I wasted two years in University studying translation.

Richard Cocciante - "SI J'ÉTAIS"

If I were fire
I would burn the universe
And if I were wind
I would blow it away.

And if I were water
I would cover the earth
Destroying everything
Destroying the entire world

If I were a flower
Under the ground I would stay

If I were the sun
I would turn to ice
If I were snow
From my fingers I would hide
To hide the world
To hide the entire world

Just a little soil would be enough
So that among the rocks
A flower could be given life again
So little would be enough

If I were the sky
I would always stay dark
If I were a star
I would fly away
I am just a man
Only a man
But if I were Him (Her)(It)
I would start over
But if I were Him (Her)(It)
I would start over.


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