Light guru says: take in the light and Be the Light.

We are light beings. We are made of light. Light can heal us.

Install the Twilight app on your Android phone.
The melanopsin photoreceptors get rebuilt during the day, they are involved with melatonin production in the eye and the brain. Melatonin shrinks the respiratory proteins on our mitochondria, granting us health and longevity.

If you are on your Android phone, get it here: apps/details?id=com. urbandroid.lux

For your desktop/laptop, Google "download f.lux". Pick the first result (justgetflux), don't pick the cnet link.

There was a huge fire in my tent this morning. Either that, or I was staring really really close at my CANDLE .

I took my METHYLENE BLUE , and stared really close at the healing red light emittted from my candle . I promise you I got my 6 cents worth out of that candle light .


Grounding our Selves to Mother Earth .

32 degrees in Fairfield, Iowa. I am getting sun half-naked in my tent while conducting grounding experiments with a voltmeter. Guess what? The wrist doesnt conduct electricity well. Nor does the rest of the body, legs, chest, head, it all has high resistance to electrical current.

Only the fingertips and the palm of the hand, and the soles of the feet conduct electrical current well. So the grounding wristband I bought on does not in fact ground me well while I sleep , the wristband needs to be connected to my fingertips, palm or toes while I sleep .

My tongue on the other hand demonstrated remarkable conductivity capabilities. But I can't sleep with my tongue connected to the wristband connected to the ground all night.

I might try wrapping the wristband around various other parts of my body and stay grounded like that while I sleep... it only comes in size "medium", though...



I just discovered a new contraceptive method .

The future health of the planet is dependent upon women of child-bearing age having a low "percent heteroplasmy on the mitochondria" . Find out what this means and what you can do about it by watching a great video by 2 women who explain this most important fact: mitochondrial DNA IS INHERITED ONLY FROM THE MOTHER, NOT THE FATHER.

Buy my wristband/intranasal full spectrum light device. Made by hand by myself.



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