Intranasal red light therapy for new Viking Warrior .

Greetings. I am Thor, Prince of Asgard, descendant of a long lineage of Nordic Viking Warriors. I offer you, your intranasal 660nm red light therapy device . Use the cold, light, water and grounding to shrink the respiratory proteins on your mitochondria and increase the electron flow and ATP production at cytochrome 5 in your mitochondria .

Why is it that both male instructors in my anger management class look pregnant?

When using the intranasal red light therapy device , you will not feel anything. You are not doing LSD, you are facilitating the absorption of 660 nanometer wavelength red light by the hemoglobin and porfyrin proteins in the red blood cells in your nasal cavity. They absorb this wavelength and this is why blood is red. says that red light is the antidote to blue light toxicity, in our blue-lit world.

Remember that nothing replaces the sun .

Nathan is about to have a freak Light show in his room.

I will bring the Disco ball .

Intranasal 1Watt LED diode delivers purple, red and infrared light to blood vessels in nasal cavity

Intranasal Low Level Light Therapy. 1Watt LED diode delivers purple, red and infrared light to blood vessels in nasal cavity, close to the brain. Insane in the membrane. ta ta da dum dum....

U are probably reading this on a blue-screen computer right now, do you think this 6,000 Kelvin degree blue light is the only light your body needs to thrive?

Where are your blue-blocking glasses? Do you have f.lux installed on your computer right now ?

January 25 2017 update: 660 nm intranasal red light therapy device and DIY Quantlet now powered by your cell phone. No need for batteries:

February 2017 update:

DIY Vielight Neuro hat for $50:




4,700 results on PubMed on Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)..
Have fun.

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