How to make your own DIY Quantlet for $20. (and power it from your Android phone too!)

Have u heard of the Quantlet?

Yesterday I wrote a tongue-in-cheek piece that was a bit excentric because I was feeling exceptionally playful and happy. I will try to be a little more serious today, as I give you step-by-step instructions on HOW YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN D IY Quantlet.

My working prototype #1 is in the photo to the right. The light is FULL SPECTRUM (380 nanometer UVA to 830 nanometer INFRARED) , building EZ water in my RADIAL ARTERY as blood flows. In my hand is the thermoelectric cooler which I plan on using with my DIY Quantlet.

The black heatsinks are on top, dispersing the heat, the bottom side is the COLD side.

My 2nd prototype for the DIY Quantlet:

I believe such a FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT-EMITTING DEVICE ( there are others ) can be used to make/keep people healthy, and I don't believe that only those who can afford to pay $750 for a Quantlet should have a chance to own one. You can make one in your own home for your own use for less than $20 and this page will show you how.

January 25 2017 update: 660 nm intranasal red light therapy device and DIY Quantlet now powered by your cell phone. No need for batteries:

Neck version of the DIY Quantlet, on the carotid arterid of the neck

Neck version of the DIY Quantlet, on the carotid artery of the neck. 2 ice packs are used for spot cold thermogenesis. Yes, I am very special.

And a headset version. Infrared red light penetrates tissues several centimeters deep and builds Exclusion Zone Water in the cells, according to Dr. Gerald Pollack's research . Not shown here is the INTRANASAL red light.

how to make your own DIY Quantlet

February 2017 update:

DIY Vielight Neuro hat for $50:

The Quantlet - a breakthrough in Quantum healing.

The Quantlet is Jack Kruse's brain child and delivers various frequencies of visible light and infrared light to your body in a non-invasive way while cooling the tissues to improve light absorbtion. "non-invasive" means it delivers the light simply by sitting on the RADIAL ARTERY ON YOUR WRIST , without penetrating the skin. You think you can accomplish this without spending $750 and carrying around a bluetooth-enabled device that contains a solid-state FAN on it? Good. Me too.

To build our DIY Quantlet, we will need some inexpensive DIODES from sells DIODES of various light frequencies. INFRARED is especially important as Gerald Pollack tells us that INFRARED builds the Exclusion Zone water in the cell, while UV increases the electrical charge in the cell.

These will simply be sitting on your RADIAL ARTERY so it's not like you need a ton of power, makes sense?

I will be using the PURPLE LIGHT frequency and INFRARED frequency for my own DIY Quantlet .

I will need:

- one 730 nanometer infrared diode ( COST: LESS THAN $1/PIECE ON AMAZON )

- (one 375 namometer UVA PURPLE diode (COST: $1.50/PIECE ON AMAZON) . That's a UVA diode. Mother Nature put UVA photoreceptors on the surface of our cornea and our skin for a reason. Neuropsin photoreceptors absorb UV light.

I am also looking into those 395-405 UVA PURPLE LED DIODES. 50 DIODES FOR $7.57. Cheap enough for ya? 20 milliamps, probably an AUDIO JACK on a phone can power those.

Actually, the best one is this DIODE: FULL SPECTRUM, includes UVA, visible light and infrared to go deep into the tissues.

Melanopsin photoreceptors on the other hand absorb blue light in the 435-465 nanometer range, which is exactly the range your ELECTRONIC DEVICES DISPLAYS emit. Melanopsin photoreceptors get regenerated DURING THE DAY and when we interfere with this process DURING THE DAY WITH OUR BLUE LIGHT DEVICES, we interfere with melatonin production which takes place at night. See if you want all the science behind this, your head will hurt.

The Quantlet uses COLD to help improve the absorption of the light frequencies and it uses a solid-state thermoelectric cooler (TEC) to achieve this cooling effect. I will be using a $6 TEC from amazon. It is about 1-inch wide and COOLS! COOL!!

Intranasal 1Watt LED diode delivers purple, red and infrared light to blood vessels in nasal cavity

Intranasal Low Level Light Therapy. 1Watt LED diode delivers purple, red and infrared light to blood vessels in nasal cavity, close to the brain. Insane in the membrane. ta ta da dum dum....

U are probably reading this on a blue-screen computer right now, do you think this 6,000 Kelvin degree blue light is the only light your body needs to thrive?

Where are your blue-blocking glasses? Do you have f.lux installed on your computer right now ?

I want to be able to just carry my PURPLE and INFRARED DIODES from amazon , hook them up to the AUDIO JACK in my Android phone, and power the LED DIODES, sitting against the RADIAL ARTERY OF MY WRIST IN THE COLD , using the electric power from the AUDIO JACK in my Android phone. 1 less device to carry around.

Getting enough electrical power (amperage) out of the AUDIO JACK may require a little figuring out (playing an uncompressed .WAV sound file at full volume) but it just so happens that I know how to write APPS for the Android phone . When I figure this out I will make the Android app available for free.

You just get your PURPLE AND INFRARED DIODES, sit in the cold and get cracking giving your body the light spectrum it has been missing from all this artificial blue light we have been sitting under .

To build your own DIY Quantlet for $20, you will need:

3-Watt full spectrum grow diodes, 380 nanometers to 830 nanometers.
weighs 0.3 ounces on the wrist.
most importantly, these DIODES will provide you with UVA, PURPLE, RED and INFRARED , to your wrist. As per Dr. Gerald Pollack, the INFRARED builds the EXCLUSION ZONE WATER , and the UVA increases the electrical charge of the EZ WATER.


resistors so that the FULL SPECTRUM DIODES won't overheat
heat sink paste so the FULL SPECTRUM DIODES won't overheat

soldering kit

wire stripper
wire to go from AA batteries to FULL SPECTRUM DIODE
- rechargeable AA batteries OR 3V coin cell batteries to power the Quantlet?


... And of course we need some wristbands to secure our DIY Quantlet to our wrist

To use COLD with the device, to increase the absorption of light:

$6 ThermoElectric Cooler from amazon.







4,700 results on PubMed on Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)..
Have fun.

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