"Analyzing the darkness" versus "turning on the light".

April 25, 2009

Today, rather than spend time " analyzing the varying degrees of darkness " which exist in the world, I choose to "turn on the light" instead , to paraphrase His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi .

healing kayaking transcendental meditation child

Today's plan is to go kayaking with my two heroes: my son Sebastien and his little sister Sara, at a nearby lake in the oasis of bliss and tranquility that is my home town, Fairfield, Iowa .

The water is perfectly still.

We have the whole lake to ourselves.

First the three of us inflate the kayak, which takes all of five minutes, and soon my son and I are slowly paddling our way to the center of the lake.

Little Sara sits between us, facing me, just being her usual adorable self, while my son and I discuss how every action we take is like a ripple in a pond .

healing kayaking transcendental meditation

Maharishi teaches us that " Every action we take, every thought we have produces an influence in the universe and, like the ripple that bounces off the edge of the pond and returns to its source, every action we take eventually finds its way back to its originator".

" As you sow, so shall you reap ", the world's religions teach.

"Savior will be saved, destroyer will be destroyed, nourisher will be nourished. It is unavoidable.", Maharishi tells us.

healing kayaking transcendental meditation berries

Once at the center of the lake, the three of us just remain sitting in the kayak, floating about on the perfectly still water, sharing organic berries. Red ones, blue ones, black ones.

We are discussing Mother Nature and transcendental meditation, when all of a sudden, Sebastien's little sister looks at me and asks "So daddy... meditation makes you free?"

I nod and say "Yes, Maharishi teaches us that transcendental meditation is the way to free ourselves from bondage and suffering in life."

Soon we start paddling back to shore. We see the occasional fish jump out of the water around us, birds are flying just a few inches above water, I feel at one with Nature. What an incredible bonding experience with the kids. I am a lucky man.

Once back on shore, I sit there and watch Sara jump up and down in a puddle, while she yells "I'm FREE! I'm FREE!"

The joy on her face reminds me that each of us was, once upon a time, an innocent child with the natural ability to find joy and amazement in Mother Nature 's creation.

healing kayaking transcendental meditation puddle

Christ said "Except you become as little children, you shall not enter into the Kingdom of God".

In the absence of light, there is darkness.

Perhaps all we need to do is turn on the light.

Somehow, all of the world's great intellects have not managed to create a world free from suffering. Perhaps we need to try Maharishi's way, which is simply to close our eyes and meditate for a few minutes morning and evening .

healing kayaking transcendental meditation Marc

Looking at the state of the world today, I am inclined to believe that man's intellect creates as many problems as it solves.

Perhaps what is needed is for us to become more like little children, pure in heart, close to Mother Nature .

My greatest teachers are the two little people I was kayaking with today.

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