The human body was designed to run, catch, chase, twist, turn and swing from vines. Sitting behind a desk eight hours a day, rising only to get food or grab a cup of coffee just doesn't work the lower back and pelvis the way Mother Nature intended.

Yoga is a great way to help restore balance to the body. Yoga can even easily be used in the work place.

Picture this scene: It’s late one afternoon and you’ve been working at your computer for hours. Your neck and shoulders hurt, your back is stiff, your eyes are starting to burn and you have that tight feeling in your stomach. Also, although you may not notice it, you are holding your breath periodically.

If any of this sounds familiar, Yoga can help you - even at your desk!

Experts recommend that we STOP for 1 to 3 minutes after each hour of work. You might take a breathing break , or just walk away for two minutes. Even turning your back on the computer and closing your eyes can help. Here are some Yoga techniques that can be used at your desk, separately or combined, depending on how much time you are taking.

Stretch Yoga

Shoulder Stretches
Long Stretch: Clasp your hands together and reach palms up towards the ceiling. Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat 5-10 times.
yoga Long-Stretch

Forward Reach: Link your fingers as you reach forward with your arms at shoulder level pushing your palms away from you. This helps to stretch your shoulders and backs of your arms, forearms, and wrists. Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat 5-10 times.
yoga Forward-Reach

Shoulder Shrugs: Bring your shoulders up to your ears, hold for at least 10 seconds and then slowly relax. Repeat 5-10 times. This exercise helps to relieve early tension in the neck and shoulder areas.
yoga Shoulder-Shrugs

Backward Reach: Clasp your hands behind your back and lift your arms upwards as you turn your elbows in towards you. Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat 5-10 times. Do not bend forward. This exercise helps to stretch the muscles on the front of your chest, the front of your shoulders, arms, and forearms.
yoga Backward-Reach

Behind-the-head: Clench your fists and rest your clenched knuckled gently on the side of your head. Without moving your hands, pull your elbows back and draw your shouldeer blades together. Hold for at least 10 seconds.
yoga Behind-the-head

Behind-the-Back: Reach both hands behind your back, then gently slide up the back as far as you can with your thumbs leading. Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat 5-10 times.
yoga Behind-the-Back
Cross-Body Stretch: Drape one hand across the opposite shoulder while maintaining the arm at shoulder level. Assist this cross the body stretch by pushing the elbow and applying a slow sustained stretch. Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat 5-10 times. Alternate the arms. This is an effective stretch for the shoulders and upper arms.
yoga Cross-Body-Stretch

Alternate Behind-The-Head: Clasp one elbow with the opposite hand behind your head. Apply a gentle stretch to bring the elbow behind the head. Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat 5-10 times. This is an effective stretch for the muscles on your side and through the armpit area.
yoga Alternate-Behind-The-Head
Neck Stretches
Side-Bends: Starting with your head in a neutral position, looking straight ahead, bring your ear to your shoulder and hold for at least 10 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times, alternating sides. The stretch must be slow and sustained, not jerky. This exercise will help stretch the muscles on the side of the neck.
yoga Side-Bends
Chin Tuck: Bring your chin to your chest and hold for at least 10 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times only going to the point of tension. This exercise will help stretch out the muscles in the back of your neck.
yoga Chin-Tuck
Wrist Stretches
Palm Up-Palm Down: Start with yoru elbows bent 90 degrees and resting by your side. Without moving your upper arm, turn your palms up and hold for at least 10 seconds, then turn them down and hold for another 10 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times.
yoga Palm-Up-Palm-Down

Wrist Circles: Using just your wrists, circle your wrists forward for at least 10 seconds then backwards for the same count.

Clench 'n Spread: Clench both fists and hold for at least 10 seconds then relax. Then spread both hands and hold for at least 10 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times.
yoga Clench-n-Spread

Back Stretches
Seated Low-Back Stretch: Sit in a chair with knees spread apart. Bend forward to the floor. A comfortable stretch should be felt in the lower back.
yoga Seated-Low-Back-Stretch

Side Stretch: Drop left shoulder, reaching left hand towards the floor. Hold for at least 10 seconds. Return to starting position. Repeat on right side.

Eye Yoga

Turn away from your computer or paper work. Sit up straight. Without moving your head, look up and down 5 times. Then look side to side 5 times. Look around in circles three times in each direction. Then come back to center. Close your eyes. Place your palms together, rub them briskly to make your hands warm and then gently place the palms over your eyes. Take a long, deep breath in, filling your lungs as completely as possible and then exhale slowly. Repeat this breath and, on an exhalation, remove the hands slowly as you open your eyes softly. Blink a few times and return to work.

Deep breathing Yoga

Inhale deeply, filling your belly, lower lungs, mid-lungs, upper lungs and chest. Slowly push the breath out of your upper lungs, mid-lungs, lower lungs and belly.

Breathing with head bowed: Keeping your eyes closed, bring your chin to your chest. Take three long breaths and then slowly bring your neck to its upright position by uncurling it one vertebrae at a time.: This exercise is beneficial for the seven vertebrae that make up the neck.

Breath retention: Inhale slowly for five counts, hold in for five counts and exhale out for five counts. Do three or more full sets. More on breathing here .

Benefits of Yoga

  • Reduction in stress
  • Muscle toning and strengthening
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased lung capacity/improved breathing
  • Corrected posture/body alignment
  • Improved flexibility & circulation
  • Improved balance of mind and body
  • Improved digestion & metabolism
  • Maintain/Build bone density
  • Increased concentration
  • Rejuvenated joint function
  • Joy!

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