This is a FULL SPECTRUM light. Its spectrum resembles sunlight: 380 nanometer purple all the way to 840 nanometer infrared.

Our new microwaved world drowns us in a sea of non-native EMFs, we need to mitigate this EMF pollution using sunlight and full-spectrum light devices.

This FULL SPECTRUM light can be worn on the radial artery on the wrist (compare to $750 Quantlet), it can also be used as an intranasal light therapy device (Compare to $399 Vielight). The nasal cavity is rich in blood vessels.

The light delivered to the tissues is absorbed by the MITOCHONDRIA. We need FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT, preferably from the sun, if not, then from full spectrum lights. More info here and here . $59.00


Beneficial effects of rebounding on the lymphatic system

Why is rebounding so beneficial ? Rebounding on a mini-trampoline affects every organ and is directly related to the efficiency of the lymphatic system and the immune function . The lymphatic system is a defense mechanism against infection, viruses, bacteria and disease . It is comprised of fluid, vessels and ducts. Provided the lymphatic system is functioning at its peak, tt clears toxins we absorb from our environment , wastes and infection from all tissues of the body through proper flow and drainage. Bouncing on a mini-trampoline offers many benefits to one's lymphatic system and overall health . Let's examine those.

Mention the cardiovascular system and most people have a pretty good idea of what it is and how it functions. But although the lymphatic system is vitally important to our health, most people don’t understand it or even know what it is

lymphatic system simple

The cardiovascular system delivers life-giving oxygen and nutrients to all of the body's cells and is connected up to a very strong pump - the heart .

The lymphatic system collects toxins in the body

Similarly, the lymphatic system is also connected to every organ in the body, but its function is completely different from that of the cardiovascular system . The lymphatic system is the "garbage collector", sucking up metabolic garbage, and toxins from the extracellular fluid of every organ. If this flow is impaired, the fluid becomes thick and toxic.
lymph needs detoxification

The cells which rely on the lymphatic system for elimination become less efficient and sluggish as they fill with their own waste. The lymphatic system - which in a healthy person is a life-sustaining system - now becomes a breeding ground for infection. When the fluid enters the bloodstream, which is part of the normal process, infection can now spread to any organ in the body. Many viruses, bacteria and parasites stay locked within the lymphatic system when it is in a sluggish state. The result: degenerative disease and an increase in the rate of aging.

Moving your lymph to help detoxify the body

The lymphatic system is not connected to the heart , therefore it has to rely on some other activity to create the necessary "pumping action" it needs to circulate. The most important ways of increasing lymphatic circulation are:

1) massage and

2) vigorous exercise

The lymphatic system is filled with millions of one-way valves, which allows the lymph fluid to flow in only one directrion - usually upward away from gravity.

Almost anything which can stimulate the movement of lymph fluid inside the lymph vessels is beneficial, but the most efficient way to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid is by REBOUNDING on a mini-trampoline. The up and down rhythmic bouncing causes all of the one-way valves to open and close simultaneously, increasing lymph flow as much as 15 times. Rebounding is a highly beneficial form of exercise.

lymphatic system dependent on detoxification

Let's talk about the eliminative organs, such as the bowel s, kidneys , lungs, lymph system, or skin , for example. When a foreign substance is present, the body’s first reflex is to expel or eliminate it. When this elimination is suppressed by any means such as taking pharmaceutical drugs , for example, some of the foreign matter gets pushed back into the system. As elimination is blocked, the very substances the body is trying to eliminate become stored within the body, causing any number of disease symptoms . the body then becomes toxic. When this happens, the degenerative disease process begins.

Symptoms of a congested lymphatic system

Many people have badly congested lymphatics and don’t even know it. At this time in our country the lymphatic system is the most over-looked system of the human body. In Europe stimulation of the lymph flow is the fourth most commonly prescribed medical treatment. Most U. S. healthcare practitioners seldom consider the lymphatic system’s critical role in preventing illness or its importance to the over all healing process. Some of the organs that are part of the lymphatic system are lymph nodes and lymph veins, the tonsils, adenoids, appendix and the spleen and you know what happens to those parts of the body whenever surgeons get close to them. Swollen glands, with which most of us are familiar, are symptomatic of blocked lymph nodes, which indicate a breakdown in the mechanical functioning of the lymphatic system. Other examples of congested lymphatics are:

Chronic Sinusitis
Heart disease
Eczema and other skin conditions
Loss of Energy
Fibrocystic disease
Chronic fatigue
Repetitive parasitic infections
Multiple Sclerosis
High blood pressure
Viral infections
Bacterial infections
Low back pain
Loss of Energy
Excessive sweating

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