T.Y.W.A.M. - Teaching Young Women About Mitochondria

The OptoGenetics science over at jackkruse.com is criticial for everyone to understand, in order to help all of humanity protect their eye clocks and thus protect their health. But this science is ESPECIALLY CRITICAL FOR WOMEN OF CHILD-BEARING AGE TO UNDERSTAND .

Why? Because Doug Wallace proved that mitochondrial DNA is inherited ONLY from mother, not father.

The man's mitochondrial DNA is DISCARDED when the egg is fertilized by the sperm . Only the woman passes her mitochondrial DNA to the child. This is why it is especially important that young women know how to protect their eye clock in their retina , know how to live in such a way that they keep their PERCENT HETEROPLASMY ON THEIR MITOCHONDRIA at the lowest possible level.

To spell it out and make it clear for everybody:

Children born to mothers with a high PERCENT HETEROPLASMY RATE ON THE MITOCHONDRIA inherit damaged mitochondria, and get diseases in their 20s and 30s, which only people in their 70s used to get.


Jack Kruse says our eyes/skin/gut/lung surfaces contain OPSINS. Neuropsin, melanopsin (involved with melatonin production) and others, these OPSINS are PHOTORECEPTORS . We can talk to them with LIGHT and get optimal.

I rent office space in Fairfield, Iowa. I am building EDUCATIONAL EXHIBITS explaining HOW MITOCHONDRIA WORKS. The exhibits will be INTERACTIVE OVER THE INTERNET, i.e. if a young woman wants to see how SUNLIGHT impacts the rate of production of ATP at cytochrome 5 in the mitochondria, she will be able to use her Android phone/computer and REMOTELY MANIPULATE THE MITOCHONDRIA EXHIBITS over the internet and see how changing variables (sunlight, water, oxygen, temperature, etc) has an impact on the ROTATION SPEED OF THE NANO-ROTOR-MOTOR at cytochrome 5 in the mitochondria, namely ATP production in the body .

How to get UV light through your window in the winter.

Little known fact: eplastics.com sells Plexiglass sheets which let UVA and UVB sunlight through. They are the Plexiglass G-UVT . You can sit in the warmth and comfort of your home and get a tan/health from sunlight using these Plexiglass sheets instead of regular windows, which block all UVB and most UVA sunlight.

plexiglass uva uvb sunlight

I wonder if there are people out there building ROOFS made with Plexiglass G-UVT .


- jackkruse.com

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