How to heal your gut with fermented foods.

December 27 , 2014

It has been said that "health (and disease) begins in the gut". Did you know that we have 10 times more bacteria in our bodies than we have cells? It's called "microbiome", microorganisms that literally share our body space. Much of this bacteria - good and bad bacteria - is found in our digestive systems.

The health of your intestinal flora is critical to your overall physical and mental health. Digestive health has an impact on mental health problems such as autism, depression, schizophrenia and many others.

fermented foods green kefir

Milk kefir ferments in glass jars for about 24 hours.

Today I want to share with you how I use fermented foods to heal myself. This is what works for me. Experiment to see what works for you.

Every morning, I start the day with 20 minutes of exercise . Keeps the brain and the body young. Following my workout, I prepare the following GREEN KEFIR DRINK :

My GREEN KEFIR recipe :

I blend, in a Vitamix blender:

- half a cucumber

- 2 celery sticks

- a few leaves of kale

- a few walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds, in a little bit of water. (soak nuts overnight to get rid of phytic acid)


I blend this until completely liquid, then I pour this green goodness into a jar containing 2 cups of home made milk kefir . I add:

- Himalayan pink salt or Redmond Real Salt (a good source of 50+ trace minerals)

- turmeric

- black pepper

- a little olive oil

- 4 organic raw eggs

- cinnamon .

The fresh green vegetables in my GREEN KEFIR help keep my body in an ALKALINE STATE . The milk kefir contains 30+ probiotics strains which help populate my digestive system with friendly bacteria. The black pepper helps increase the absorption of the turmeric, the turmeric is a super-star food when it comes to reducing inflammation in the body, the organic raw eggs are rich in vitamins, choline, sulfur and many other important nutrients, cinnamon is an anti-oxidant powerhouse and help regulate blood sugar levels. Both cinnamon and olive oil are LONGEVITY FOODS .

In addition to my GREEN KEFIR, I also have 4 ounces of homemade FERMENTED VEGETABLES . I use Dr. Mercola's "Kinetic Culture" starter to make my fermented vegetables because this starter culture produces a higher vitamin K2 content in the fermented vegetables. I shred a wide variety of vegetables and I let my fermented veggies ferment in glass jars for 7 days. I then store my homemade fermented veggies in the fridge to slow down the fermentation process.

fermented foods fermented vegetables

Fermented shredded vegetables ferment in glass jars at room temperature for about 7 days.

I used to buy sauerkraut and kimchi at the supermarket. Commercially available cultured foods are usually pasteurized, heat/vacuum packed which reduces their effectiveness. Homemade fermented vegetables are a far superior way to provide life-supporting probiotics to your digestive system.

Following my GREEN KEFIR breakfast, I have a coffee enema , which is done for the benefit of the LIVER , not the colon. I just lay there on the floor, and while the coffee enema is healing my liver, I read and write on my iPad. That's my morning routine.

I want to influence the world in a positive way, and my purpose in writing this page today is to bring to your attention how important your digestive system is, and how fermented foods like green kefir and fermented vegetables can help you transform your body and improve your health and happiness.

I discuss how I make my own homemade kefir and fermented vegetables here.

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