Creating Immortals through LIGHT, WATER, MAGNETISM.

As I wait for my items to be delivered so I can build my FREAKlet (DIY Quantlet) , I write this page today.

And I set my intention:

I, Marc Lacasse, will be responsible for the creating of a minimum of 10,000 Immortals around the world, including myself, in this lifetime, through LIGHT, WATER, MAGNETISM . I define an "Immortal" as a human being who remains in the physical body for a minimum of 150 years.

You need to understand something: when you meet your family for Christmas, none of the atoms that make up your face were present the last time you met them 6 months prior on the 4th of July. They have all been replaced by new atoms. Some of these atoms made up the bodies of dinosaurs millions of year ago. Sorry.

Our bodies are continuously re-generating themselves. As long as the ATPase nano-motor-rotor at cytochrome 5 in the mitochondria is still spinning and generating ATP , ANYTHING IN LIFE IS POSSIBLE.

There are human being on this planet who live without food of any kind and who derive their energy solely from the sun and cosmic energy. True Ahimsa.

Also working on a version for the carotid artery, in the neck.

Neck version of the DIY Quantlet, on the carotid arterid of the neck

Neck version of the DIY Quantlet, on the carotid artery of the neck. 2 ice packs are used for spot cold thermogenesis. Yes, I am very special.

DIY quantlet 3V coin cell battery on wristband

And a headset version. Infrared red light penetrates tissues several centimeters deep and builds Exclusion Zone Water in the cells, according to Dr. Gerald Pollack's research. Not shown here is the INTRANASAL red light.

how to make your own DIY Quantlet

February 2017 update:

DIY Vielight Neuro hat for $50:

Intranasal 1Watt LED diode delivers purple, red and infrared light to blood vessels in nasal cavity

Intranasal Low Level Light Therapy. 1Watt LED diode delivers purple, red and infrared light to blood vessels in nasal cavity, close to the brain. Insane in the membrane. ta ta da dum dum....

U are probably reading this on a blue-screen computer right now, do you think this 6,000 Kelvin degree blue light is the only light your body needs to thrive?

Where are your blue-blocking glasses? Do you have f.lux installed on your computer right now ?

This is LIGH T.

Dr. Gerald Pollack tells us that the water in our cells, the water surrounding our mitochondria, is EZ WATER, EXCLUSION ZONE WATER. "Exclusion" because it excludes everything larger than protons.


Jack Kruse tells us that everything we know about proteins, we know from REMOVING THE WATER FROM THE PROTEINS AND STUDYING THEIR BEHAVIOR. BUT PROTEINS IN LIFE SIT IN EZ WATER, AND THEY BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY BECAUSE OF OPTICS AND HOW LIGHT BEHAVES AS IT PASSES THROUGH EZ WATER . This is why Jack Kruse says that most of the stuff found in biochemistry books today needs to be revised. (Actually he calls it "horseshit".)

This is WATER.


Our thoughts are MAGNETIC. We attract and create what we think about. We are the creators, the allowers of our life experiences.

You are already getting what you focus on, whether you want it or not.

Listen to this recording. Let it change your life. SEEK JOY!


January 25 2017 update: 660 nm intranasal red light therapy device and DIY Quantlet now powered by your cell phone. No need for batteries:






4,700 results on PubMed on Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)..
Have fun.

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