Longevity through telomeres extension.

September 26, 2014

Some people claim that they don't want to "live until 120 years of age", because they associate being 120 years old with sickness and disease . But what if you could increase your lifespan and enjoy vibrant health even at an advanced age? What if you could feel better in your body at 70 years of age than you did at 30?

I am currently taking 4 herbs which are reputed to play a role in something called "telomere extension" .

What are "telomeres" and what is "telomeres extension"?

Telomeres are specialized structures at the end of a chromosome. Telomeres are often likened to the plastic tips at the end of our shoe laces, which keep our shoe laces from unraveling.

Telomeres prevent our chromosomes from unraveling and are involved with the replication and stability of DNA molecules. Every time one of the cells in your body replicates, the telomeres get shortened a bit. After approximately 50 replications, your cell's telomeres have shortened to zero and the cell dies.


Telomeres. (Source: Wikipedia)

Here is a simplified way to understand how "telomeres" are responsible for aging at the cellular level: imagine you need to replicate a cassette tape using the latest copy of the cassette tape each time, and each time the replication process starts after skipping the first few inches of clear plastic found at the beginning of the cassette tape: eventually you will start missing some of the music on the cassette tape. That's what happens with our telomeres.

4 adaptogenic herbs reputed to help extend telomeres/slow down telomeres shortening:

1- Organic astragalus root

2- Organic turmeric root

3- Organic hodiola rosea

4- Organic holy basil

Based on the research I have done on longevity and life extension, I can tell you that there are a lot of people out there who are willing to try many unproven/potentially dangerous strategies and commercial products in order to have a chance at increasing their lifespan. There is a lot of complicated, sometimes contradictary information out there.

I am choosing a safer approach : I am supplementing my healing diet with herbs which Mother Nature makes available to us : astragalus, turmeric, rhodiola rosea and holy basil. These 4 adaptogenic herbs are reported to act synergistically to promote telomeres extension/slow down telomeres shortening. They also have wide-ranging beneficial effects on the body as a whole.

All of our lifestyle choices evidently have an impact on our longevity: Intermittent Fasting (IF) is reported to help extend one's lifespan. Caloric restriction is the only strategy which has proven to extend the lives of mice in laboratory studies.

Sleep, exercice, proper nutrition, meditation are all, of course, important factors when it comes to life extension. This page is only meant to be an introduction to life extension and I simply want to share what I am doing personally to extend my own life.

The 12-minute video below discusses the effect that negative thinking, brooding and ruminating about the past has on telomeres, and how meditation can help our telomeres and slow down cell aging!

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