Maybe sex sells, and the buyer gets screwed. On the other hand, there is a growing trend toward Celibacy.

Yeah... Maybe sex sells, and the buyer gets screwed. On the other hand, there is a growing trend toward Celibacy.

More and more people are choosing to experiment with celibacy for a period of time. Many report that their health, their energy level and their spiritual life improve as a result of living a celibate life.

If one sees another as a sex object, it is his / her choice. We choose how we see others. The reason for some of my past suffering in my dealings with women is likely due to sometimes seeing them in terms of sex, not as spiritually-based human beings.

A true celibate sees every woman as his mother, sister or daughter.

My lifelong celibate friend is teaching me about Love.

If two persons see a beautiful woman : one sees a sex object, the other sees a Divine manifestation of God, which one of them do you think this beautiful woman is going to want to hang out with?

"What is not Love is always fear, and nothing else." - Sayings From A Course In Miracles

Animals only engage in sex during the mating season.

Lust can only exist in the absence of Love.
Bring in Love and lust disappears, just as the light from one candle is enough to chase the darkness away.

How do I bring in Love? Love is God. My own nature is Divine Love. Except that I HAVE FORGOTTEN. I have forgotten my own Nature. God is within me. Divine Love is my true Nature.
healing through celibacy couple

Based on the advice of my lifelong celibate friend, I am currently reading "The New Celibacy" by Gabrielle Brown . It is a game-changer for me and I highly recommend it.

Here is a quote from "The New Celibacy" by Gabrielle Brown , by a couple who after a year and a half of marriage, decided to be celibate together:

"Do you have any kind of physical relationship?

MICHAEL : Absolutely. We sleep together and hug and kiss and touch, but we don't pursue sex. Really, we have no physical boundaries at all. We feel deeply physically connected all the time and sex would more likely disrupt that flow than enhance it.

GINNY : What it has been like is a very long, delicate courtship and very romantic . It's ideal for a woman, you know - to have that tender side of a man always turned toward you.

MICHAEL : [...] One thing to realize is that celibacy seems to arrive in marriage as something valuable. If a couple becomes less sexual together, it may be because their relationship requires more delicate kinds of love experiences than sexual activity. Then being celibate is a great way to explore that love. It seems to us like a step in evolution of love - from sex to celibacy."

A Vaidya - Ayurvedic doctor - once told me that the 3 most important factors for a man's health are:

1- Food
2- Sleep
3- Celibacy

I thought "What on earth is this man talking about? CELIBACY ?
What does CELIBACY have to do with health?"

One who practices Celibacy is one who sublimates one's sexual energy in order to progress on one's spiritual path.

Semen is a very precious constituent of the body. The formation of semen from food is a very lengthy process.

Ayurveda says "Out of food is formed chyle. Out of chyle comes blood. Out of blood comes flesh. Out of flesh comes fat. Out of fat comes bone. Out of bone comes marrow, and out of marrow comes semen.”

Each step in the transformation of chyle into semen takes about 5 days. Thus semen is the final tissue that is created from food. In women, this final tissue is called "ovum". Thus it is clear from Ayurveda that semen is formed through a 7-step process. This entire process is said to take approximately 30 days. Scientists have found that the consumption of 32 kg of food produces 800 grams of blood, which in turn produces only 20 grams of semen.

For the sake of just a moment’s pleasure, one has wasted the precious vital fluid accumulated over a period of 30 days.

Great men and saints have throughout the ages stressed the importance of Celibacy in life.

In ‘ Ayurveda ’, Celibacy is considered to be the source of supreme power.

Semen is like the "emperor" of the kingdom that is the human body. Disease afflicts the body only if the semen, the emperor, is weak. In a pure and clean life, semen is reabsorbed. Semen goes back into circulation ready to create the finest brain, muscular and nerve tissues. When seminal secretions are conserved and reabsorbed by the body, they are used towards enriching the blood and strengthening the brain, improving the mind and sharpness of intellect.

A great injustice is being done to today's youth. Young people today are constantly being assaulted by sexually provocative material in virtually every aspect of life. Any child today can easily access pornography on the internet, and mainstream TV glorifies sex and promiscuity.

A country can attain a great deal of prosperity in the industrial, economic and technical fields, but if its citizens are plagued by life-damaging behaviours, that country's demise can not be very far off. What is the movie "The Decline of the American Empire" about? SEX and PROMISCUITY.

"The Decline of the American Empire".

A film about SEX and PROMISCUITY.

America is obsessed with the TV show "Dancing with the Stars".

Am I the only one who feels this image is FREAKY ?


Today, many psychiatrists and sexologists preach to the youth that masturbation is "healthy".

Modern psychiatry, modern psychoanalysis and psychotherapy only mirror the neurosis of Freud’s mind. Freud, who disregarded self-restraint in his own life and also taught his ideas to others, died a mental and physical wreck.

Sexual Desires are NEVER SATIATED

Frequency of Copulation

Consider the advice given by the great Greek philosopher Socrates in the following conversation:

Husband: “Kindly instruct me as to how many times a man may have copulation with his wife.”
Socrates: “Only once in his life.”

Husband: “But if that fails to satisfy him?”
Socrates: “Then he can have copulation once a year.”

Husband: “But if that too doesn’t satisfy him?”
Socrates: “Then let it be once a month.”

Husband: “And if he is still not satisfied?”
Socrates: “Then let it be twice a month, but this will cause an early death.”

Husband: “What should he do if he is not satisfied with that either?”
Socrates: “Well then, do it this way. Dig a grave, purchase a coffin and a shroud for yourself beforehand, then you may spoil yourself as many times as you wish. This is my final advice to you.”

Sexual desires are never satiated.

Suppression of sexual energy or Sublimation?

Suppression of the sexual desire is not the right way to control sexual energy. The solution lies in sublimating the sexual energy in order to attain the Supreme Bliss. When this spiritual growth has taken place, one does not have to fight lust, celibacy becomes a natural way of life.

Ways to Preserve the Seminal Energy

- Fasting
- Washing the sexual organs in cold water
- Yoga asanas and physical exercise

- Breathing techniques can be useful
- Read spiritual literature . This can be especially helpful at night to induce restful sleep.

Finally, and most importantly: Seek the company of the wise . If one does not seek good company, one will certainly find oneself in bad company.

1- "Divine Inspiration: The Secret of Eternal Youth" by Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu.

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