Vegetable Juicing - Choosing a Juicer

Using a juicer to liquify/emulsify your fruits and vegetables is a great way to include more healing foods into your diet in a way that is delicious and hassle-free.

Fruit and vegetable juicing is well suited for the fast-paced lifestyle we like to enjoy here in the West.

Juicing fruits and vegetables is healing to the body for many reasons, one of which is that it helps to make the body less acidic, which is the opposite of what happens when your diet is rich in animal products.

Maintaining the proper PH is crucial for cancer prevention as cancer thrives in a low PH environment.

Can't afford a juicer? Sell your car.

I have been juicing using a Vitamix for 15 years. In my opinion the Vitamix is the undisputed king of juicers. It is expensive but well worth it. The same people who would never spend hundreds of dollars on a juicer are also the same people who have no problem spending $30,000+ on a car.

One of those two purchases will encourage you to add life-promoting healing foods to your diet for the next several years. Which of those two purchases will improve your chances of being around to see your grand-children grow up? Re-examine your priorities.

At about half the price of the Vitamix juicer, I also like the Montel Healthmaster juicer. I think he's got a good little machine there. The Montel Healthmaster juicer has a 2HP motor and, although it is not as good a juicer as the Vitamix, it is a decent machine if you can not afford the Vitamix.

Both the Vitamix and the Healthmaster juicer allow you to make not only fruit/veggie juices, you can also make soups. Leaving the juicer running for a few minutes actually warms up the contents and you have nutritious soups in a few minutes and with very little effort.

I also like the fact that both Vitamix and the Healthmaster juicer allow you to use the ENTIRE fruit or vegetable, as opposed to using only the juice and throwing away the pulp. They are both easy to clean.

Other juicers

In my opinion, the Vitamix and the Healthmaster juicer are the best machines on the market.  However you may have different needs - or a different budget.  You can find some other juicers which have received good reviews on this page .

You can get some ideas for juicing on my juicing recipes page. You can also get some solid knowledge on juicing in the juicing for health section, as well as the juicing books page.

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