The holy grail for health and longevity: percent heteroplasmy on the mitochondria membrane.

Dr. Jack Kruse ( ) is a genius neurosurgeon who also happens to practice Transcendental Meditation . According to Jack Kruse, the holy grail of health and longevity is: Percent heteroplasmy on the mitochondria membrane .

For those of us who don't care for scientific terminology and just want to know "What do I need to do to have health and longevity?", here it is:

Dr. Jack Kruse says: " Every morning, take off your shoes , go outside and BE LIKE THE SPHINX. Expose your eyes and your skin to the morning sun . "

That's it. In a nutshell, that is Dr. Jack Kruse's prescription for health and longevity. Now you can close this page and go on about your day.

Dr. Jack Kruse says "Health and longevity is not a FOOD story, it's a LIGHT story."

He talks about Light, Water, and Electromagnetism . He talks about intracellular dehydration and how non-native EMFs from bi-directional microwave radios ( cell phones ) and WiFi radiation are affecting electron flow on our mitochondrial membranes .

percent heteroplasmy on the mitochondria membrane


Jack Kruse talks about how fluoride in our water is a dielectric blocker in our bodies and displaces iodine in our brains and how important it is to drink spring water free of fluoride .

Percent Heteroplasmy on the Mitochondria Membrane and the Brain

Jack Kruse says that health and longevity is predominently tied to the ELECTRICAL CHARGE ON YOUR MITOCHONDRIAL MEMBRANE .

According to Dr. Jack Kruse , the electrical charge on the mitochondria membrane is in the order of 30 million volts. He also says that every increase of 1 Angstrom between respiratory proteins slows tunneling of electrons by a factor of 10 . If this sounds complicated, it is. But according to Jack Kruse, this fact is responsible for most neurodegenenative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's and Dementia.

Think WiFi is not a big deal? What about holding your cellular phone to your brain for 30 minutes? What about watching a movie on your iPad before bed, or what about your 12-year old child - whose brain is not yet formed - playing a video game at midnight? Jack Kruse says:

"Blue light and nnEMF both liberate calcium by causing it to efflux. This causes mitochondria to swell, the respiratory proteins get further apart, changing their geometry, causing the tunneling of electrons to slow dramatically." (

When I read Dr. Jack Kruse's material, I know he speaks the truth. I wish you health and longevity. This page was meant to bring your attention to what Jack Kruse is saying. I threw in the buzz words you will need to research further to get a better understanding of what Jack Kruse is talking about.

Read Jack's Top 10 EMF FAQs and Jack's What to Consider as you begin . Follow Jack Kruse's advice: Every morning, take off your shoes , go outside and BE LIKE THE SPHINX!

Listen to Jack Kruse life-changing talk here below, or download 10 critical Jack Kruse talks here and put on your iPod! Listen to them while walking barefoot in nature , under the sun!

Jack Kruse says this video is a must-watch. It is called "Resonance Beings of Frequency".

Did you know that every neuron in your brain contains 3,600 mitochondria? Did you ever slow down and consider the impact that doing something that benefits your mitochondria can have on your nervous system?

My environmental bio-hack: sleeping in an EMF-free tent, grounded to Mother Earth

There are at least 6 WiFi signals in my backyard (inside the house too). 12 WiFi signals at the front of the house. There are zero WiFi signals inside my EMF-free tent, which is covered with aluminum foil.

EMF-free tent

EMF free tent morning sunlight percent heteroplasmy on the mitochondria membrane

Jack Kruse tells us that we are living in a sea of EMFs and artificial blue light , and that we can mitigate the effects of this technology on our health using Light, Water and Magnetism ( grounding ourselves to Mother Earth ).

Did you know that the Schumann Resonance from the earth and Alpha waves in the human brain have exactly the same frequency, 7.83 Hertz? Why is that?

I also ground myself to Mother Earth while I sleep , using the grounding anklet displayed in the photo. EMF free tent grounding

I wake up with the sun, and I start the day sungazing. I drink several glasses of RO water while disolving a few grains of coarse pink Himalayan salt under my tongue.

The future health of the planet is dependent upon women of child-bearing age having a low "percent heteroplasmy on the mitochondria" . Find out what this means and what you can do about it by watching a great video by 2 women who explain this most important fact: mitochondrial DNA IS INHERITED ONLY FROM THE MOTHER, NOT THE FATHER.

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