Once environmental illness is diagnosed, the logical first step to take is removing the offending toxins from a person's environment and begin body detoxification. Only then can healing begin. Detoxification is the key to getting better. There are many ways to detoxify your body using a detoxification diet and I examine some of those here: First, a good way to protect your health is to not eat harmful foods! Here are foods to avoid if you are to live a long, healthy life:

Foods that Kill

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What should a detoxification diet consist of? An important part of your detoxification diet should be water , healing foods , vegetable juices , fats that heal , and unrefined sea salt . Eat primarily foods that contain live enzymes , "life force" and nutrients. "Foods" that lack these elements cause the body to become acid , produce mucous, and congest the intestinal tract. Over time, if you keep eating a poor diet, this congestion builds up, layer after layer, eventually forming a hardened layer of plaque in the intestin . This substance is known as "mucoid fecal plaque" and is believed to contribute towards a majority of the obstacles to optimal health. acid/alkaline balance into it It's difficult to be acid and totally healthy. Becoming acidic is one of the first steps toward illness. It's almost impossible to find someone with a disease who is not over acid. More about the critical role of body PH here .

Anytime the body drops from full vitality, weakened areas result. Stress alone may create the over acidity which leads to mucoid plaque. And stress often prompts deviation from a good diet as the person seeks comfort or quick energy through acid-forming foods.
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Another aspect of the nontoxic diet is avoiding drugs--over-the-counter, prescription, and recreational types--and substituting natural remedies, such as nutrients, herbs, and homeopathic medicines, all of which have fewer side effects.
Other natural therapies, such as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic may help in treating some problems so that we will not need drugs for them. Avoiding or minimizing exposure to chemicals at home and work is also important. This lessens our total toxic load. Substituting natural cleansers, cosmetics, and clothes is helpful. My favorite source for ayurvedic massage oils and natural cleansers which don't contain harmful ingredient ishere One form of the detoxification diet is one made up exclusively of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, either raw or cooked, and whole grains, both cooked and sprouted ; however, no breads or baked goods, animal foods and dairy products or alcohol are used. This diet keeps fiber and water intake up and helps colon detoxification . Most people can handle this well and make the shift from their regular diet with a few days transition. The next level of detoxification involves a diet consisting solely of fruits and raw vegetables, all cleansing foods. The green vegetables, especially the chlorophyllic and high-nutrient leafy greens, are very cleansing and supportive for purification of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole body. A raw foods diet is fulfilling for many people, very high in energy and nutrition. This type of cleansing diet contains lots of sprouted greens from seeds and grains such as wheat, buckwheat, sunflower, alfalfa, and Red Clover ; sprouted beans; soaked or sprouted raw nuts; and fresh fruits and vegetables. Cooking food is not allowed with this diet; eating foods raw maintains the highest concentrations of vitamins, minerals and important enzymes, and allows them to find their way into our body and cells. Many people feel that this is the best of diets; it can be health supportive over quite some time if it is balanced properly.

Another form of cleansing diet is juice fasting.

Whether you are on a detoxification diet or not, it helps to follow those recommended rules while eating. recommended steps to protect yourself from toxins in the environment
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